balance — menopause support
By Dr Louise Newson

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Change is
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Looking for knowledge and guidance so you can be certain about what’s right for your body during the perimenopause and menopause? You’re in the right place.

Brought to you by renowned menopause specialist, Dr Louise Newson and the thousands of people who’ve shared their perimenopause and menopause insights with us, balance allows you to track your symptoms, access personalised expert content, share stories and lots more.

balance — menopause support
By Dr Louise Newson

wave background

We live and breathe three promises:

It’s all about you

— because your body is unique

balance is personalised from the moment you sign in, showing you content based on the information you have shared with us, such as your symptoms and health history.

You’re not alone

— because we’re here for you

The app is a safe place for people to connect, share experiences and support each other through their journey.

A second pair of eyes

— because it helps to have an expert in the palm of your hand

The content we share is always unbiased and evidence-based allowing you to stay up to date with the latest findings & news in the menopause field.

Understand more about your menopause

See expert content that’s tailored around you, based on your symptoms and health background.

Key features

EASILY Track your symptomsKeep an eye on your symptoms and health

Record your symptoms, moods, periods, nutrition, exercise and sleep.

REPORTS AT THE READY FOR YOUR GPTrack any changes and patterns

You’ll be able to see how things are changing over time and download all the information in a personalised health report to take to your doctor.

PART OF A COMMUNITYLearn from others' experiences

Join a community of like-minded women where you can share stories in a safe environment, take part in experiments to help relieve symptoms and get access to treatment reviews (HRT & alternatives).

After being taken by surprise by my own menopause experience, I was shocked at the lack of support and evidence-based information available about the perimenopause and menopause.

Aiming to change the way people receive information about this time in their lives, I set up My Menopause Doctor

I still felt there was so much to do. I want to make sure we continue to help people across the world, and that's where balance comes in. We're here to make sure that the menopause is an opportunity, not an ending.

— Dr Louise Newson

A world-class leading app

We are proud to say that balance app is now certified by the leading digital health organisation, ORCHA, who review and approve health apps for the NHS and multiple national health bodies around the world.

Balance not only met, but far exceeded their pass mark, so much so that we have had a special mention as ORCHA’s App of the Week, and we couldn’t be prouder!

balance — menopause support
By Dr Louise Newson